Trina Vertex S+ TSM 440w NEG9R.28 Dual Glass Black Frame


 TrinaVertex S+ TSM 435w NEG9R.28 Dual Glass Black Frame


 Trina Vertex S+ TSM 435w NEG9RC.27 Bifacial Dualglass


           TrinaVertex S 420w TSM DE09R.08 Black Frame


 Trina Vertex S TSM 425wDE09R.08 Black Frame


Trina Vertex S TSM 410w DE09R.05W  Full Black


Sharp  NU-JD 445w Mono


Sharp NU-JC 370w






 Canadian HiKu7 CS7N 660MS


 Canadian HiKu6 CS6R-MS 410w  Black Frame


 JA Solar JAM72D40-570W/GB


Jinko Tiger Neo N-type 54HL4R-B  435w Full Black


Jinko Tiger Neo N-type JKM 425wN 54HL4-V


 JinkoSolar JKM355N-6TL3-B N-Type


 Longi LR5-54HPH-M 415W Black Frame


Longi LR4-72HPH-450M HiM0


 Luxor ECO LINE N-TYPE M108 430w


Yingly YL400-D-37e


 Suntech Power STP420S-C54/Nshm


 Suntech Power STP435S-C54/Nshm


 Astronergy CHSM54M-HC BF 405w



 5-10 Pallets Euro 0,14w

1/2 Container 40" Euro 0,13w

1 Container 40" Euro 0,12w !!


Delivery to Europe is included in the price


- Panels are New, packed, official warranty

- Immediately available in stock Europe

- Delivery time 3-5 days after order and payment

- Payment by Bank transfer 100% order for pallets and 1/2 container

- Payment by Bank transfer 50% order + 50% upon 15 days of delivery for container



New panels (not used), Stock Europe,


9 x  Containers 40" 

LONGi LR5-66 HIH 500w mono Black Frame



- 1 container 40" Euro 0,13w (45.000 euro)


- from 5 pallets Euro 0,15w


Price including delivery in Europe


It is also mandatory to purchase the container 40" used, color red, + Euro 1100



  -  Immediately available, stock in Europe

- New, packed, official Longi warranties 12 years

- Modules already cleared customs in Europe, finished price!

- Delivery time 5 days after order and payment

- Payment by bank transfer 50% order + 50% upon delivery




- Prices may vary based on the quantity requested

- The availability of the modules and inverters described above is valid unless sold

- Delivery time varies based on the quantity requested, from 3 to 15 days from the order

- The goods travel with trucks covered by insurance on the transported material


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